Why are your premium names such a low-cost?

Our business model is as such, that we operate by having a quick-turnover of many realistically priced, premium domain names. We could easily price our names for a lot more, but then less people would find them affordable.

We consider this approach, much fairer and more popular with our clients. Furthermore, you will be pleased to note that the annual renewal for dot-com names, are currently less than £12.

Is my purchase safe and secure?

Absolutely! When we purchased HullBuilder.com, we did so through one of the most popular, highest quality, and very reasonably priced domain registrars - Namecheap.

When you purchase HullBuilder.com, it will be directly through them - who will instantly begin transferring it to you, upon completion of payment to them - of just £, fully-inclusive. During your purchase, you will be required to set up your own account with them - which is quick, easy and free - and from where you can then take full control of your new premium domain name.

How quickly can I use my new domain?

According to Namecheap, the transfer process can take up to 72hrs. Once transferred, you will then be able to take full control of HullBuilder.com, from your Namecheap Control Panel.

Some of your many options include; being able to forward your visitors to your Facebook page, or any website. You can also forward emails to any email address. Furthermore, you can transfer to another host - should you require, or even re-sell the domain name for a higher price.

Can I trust DotComble.com?

You most certainly can. We are part of the e-HQ Group, which have been providing internet services since the mid 1990's. We are based in the UK, and are passionate about what we do. In fact we provide many free business and marketing online facilities.

If you find that you need any further assistance, be it with your domain name(s), websites, digital marketing or anything else - chances are, we'll not only be able to fulfil your requests to the highest of standards, but also at exceptionally reasonable costs. You can contact us here.

Why is the valuation so much higher than the sale price?

The valuation for HullBuilder.com - which is £ - has been valued by GoDaddy, with their valuation tool. Their algorithms take many aspects into consideration, including a vast database of previous sales of similar domain names.

In reality, the true value may even be higher to the right person / business. We specialise in 'geo-trade' domains, which are particularly suited to be found by Search Engines, and are easier for people to remember. So it's worth noting that such names are not only popular to other local builders, but also to builders world-wide, where the same place-name - Hull exists.

What about my / our privacy?

Whilst this domain name resides in a Namecheap account - such as the one you would create to make the purchase - the service comes with a free lifetime privacy setting, allowing you to hide ('withheld for privacy') the details of the domain name holder.

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