About DotComble

What is this website all about?

DotComble was the idea of the e-HQ's founder and CEO, and is one of many subsidiaries of the UK based, e-HQ Group - established during the mid-90's. Many of our websites, provide free online services for businesses, in addition to our other extremely low-priced premium services.

After having struggled on many occasions to find an appropriate domain names, only to find some investors sitting on them - we looked for potential solutions, not only for ourselves - but for our clients too. Usually, those investing in premium domain names, tend to play the long-game. Meaning they will keep these names on their portfolio, sometimes for years, with the sole intention of selling for the highest price possible.

Rather than being faced with the only option - but to pay extortionate amounts for an appropriate domain name - we decided to start purchasing some of those premium names in large quantities when available for ourselves. The intention being, to make them available to individual businesses, who could immediately benefit from owning and using them - and at realistic, and affordable price.

Why are these names - at such low prices?

So why don't we do what all of the other domain name investors do, and try and get as much money for our premium domain names, as possible? Well, it simply goes against our fundamental ethos. Yes, we are a business, and need to make a profit, so that we can stay in business. However, we believe that we can still achieve that, simply by making lots of little profits - from selling many premium domain names.

This approach means, that the people whom benefit the most, are the new users of these domain names. We feel that just like bricks and mortar properties should be occupied - domain names should be used, and not just held 'unoccupied' for investors.

About our premium dot-com names

We look at it this way, say you had a Builder business serving the Hull area - then an ideal domain name for your business, could be HullBuilder.com. It's easy for your customers to remember. It's the highest ranking, and top default extension, a '.com', and it has the ideal keywords for the search engines - the name of your profession, and the geographic location where you operate.

However, just imagine how frustrating it must be, to find that your perfect domain name has already been registered, solely as an investment - and would cost several thousand dollars for you to purchase.

It seems a shame that so many premium domain names, are often parked for investment only - when those businesses that would benefit from them, can't justify the large price tag. Therefore what we also aim to do after purchasing these names ahead of the investors - is then find those businesses which would potentially best benefit from these names - and then offer them directly, at a realistic price.

Our fixed prices are much less expensive, than their independent valuation - as appraised by GoDaddy. Incidentally, the GoDaddy Domain Name Appraisal Tool (unlike many other similar online services) has calculations made from their large database of previous, and similar sales.

It is quite conceivable, that when a business purchases one of our 'trade and location' related domain names, that in addition to the boost in online visitors - the resale value could continue to rise, as the domain name becomes more age established - and hence more sought after.

When buying one of our names, we connect you directly with the domain registrar - which means there are no hidden costs or additional fees. Your new domain name can be up and running, working for you, in as little as 24hrs. And we are here to help, in the unlikely event that you need us.

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